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Twister Synthetic Pins (Set of 10)

Over thirty years of superior German engineering has resulted in the development of the Twister® − the first mass-produced synthetic bowling pin to obtain ABC/WIBC and USBC approval for use in sanctioned competition. First hitting the market in the summer of 1999, the Twister® has enjoyed much success as a viable replacement for wood pins as proprietors around the world are making the switch to the synthetic Twister®.

The best investment for any bowling centre

The Twister pin is by far the cheapest pin on the market due to its long service life. Add to that its excellent, consistent scoring and with Twister you have the best investment for your bowling centre.

Strongest neck

Twister’s extremely strong neck far exceeds the breaking point of wooden pins.

Excellent warranty

Twister’s warranty conditions are among the best in the bowling industry. The warranty period is longer than most wooden pins on the market. Please ask your Authorized Twister Distributor for more information.

100% Synthetic

Twister pins are the only “USBC Approved” synthetic pins in the world. The pins light up under blacklight and work with all automatic scoring systems.

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SKU 650-100
Color White
Type Undrilled Pins
Brand Twister